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Harrison - 16 Days

Harrison's parents Michelle and Cameron were referred to me by one of my amazing clients Samantha. Knowing Sam, I was sure I would love this couple and I was very right!

From the moment I walked in to photograph their gorgeous little man they were so warm and welcoming. So easy going and sat back and let me do my thing and work my magic. They did however have one request....

"Can we get a photo with Harrison and his toy?" and I always try my best to incorporate special toys and blankets into a session to make it more personal. So my answer was "OF COURSE!" and to my excitement, out they come with this!!

newborn boy photography with incredible hulk

It was absolutely perfect!! P.s How handsome is this little man?! I honestly couldn't stop saying it! He is such a stunning baby and his Mummy tells me he's a very good boy too.

Congratulations again Michelle and Cameron! Thank you for making me apart of your Son's story <3

baby boys little hand holding Daddy's thumb finger

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