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52 Years and now it's good bye....

Today my Nan and Pop moved out of their home after 52 years.

The road was hard and long to get them here but ‘retirement living’ is definitely going to agree with them, I could tell as soon as they stepped out of their old home and into their new one today.

My whole family, all 20 of us and our beloved extended family who we couldn’t have done this without (you know who you are) banded together and all took on a piece of the burden that is, selling and buying a new home. I know Nan and Pop would want to thank you so much!

The reason I decided to blog this on my photography page is because this is one of those monumentous occasions that get you reminiscing, get you looking at old photos and photo albums (because your packing them in all the bloody boxes! Lol) it gets you remembering different things that happened in every room in that house.

In my Grandparents case, remembering how many different family members had occupied each room over the 52 years! Lol! As seen below, we got every person that had stayed in each room at one time or another to get their photo in said room! SOOOO much FUN!!!!

This occasion inevitably makes you want to take as many photos as you can before leaving such a place. We did, we took LOTS of photos but I don’t think any of them are as special as these ones below.

I sit hear with tears in my eyes remembering this all over again and it only happened today. Before my Nan and Pop walked out of their home for the last time. Before they locked the door and said “Good bye” forever I asked them to stand in the middle of their empty lounge room, a room that hasn’t been empty for half a century. To hold hands and to smile for the camera one last time.

God love them....

Then I asked them to turn and face each other and give each other a little cuddle. I asked them to close their eyes and remember walking into your home for the first time with your twin baby girls in your arms, remember raising your 4 children together, (my Pop is already a mess at this stage and replies “and our Grandchildren”) Now I’m a mess, trying to hold a big camera up as I was one of those grandchildren raised in his home. I asked them to remember the birthday parties, getting ready in the morning with each child on the day of their weddings….

This was the result of those memories, their last day, their last minute in their home and it’s captured in these photos. This moment in time they’ll have to remember forever and that I will have to remember forever. How much love these two souls have for each other is beyond compare and to witness it first hand is breath taking.

“To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honours.” Tia Walker

Good Luck Nan and Pop on this next chapter of you wonderful lives together.

Love Sammi



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