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When should I schedule a session?

​Ideally, your session will be booked as far in advance as possible as I can be booked up for some months, especially if you are hoping to book over a weekend.  

Whilst a cake smash is a first birthday celebration, you may want to consider booking around the 10 month mark if you are intending to use the images for a party invitation or to display at the party. Even if you don’t intend using the images for their birthday and just want them as a momento of their first birthday, it’s still a good idea to schedule your session as early as possible to make sure I can give you your desired date.

How do I secure a booking?

Contact me through my website and I will require a non-refundable session fee to be paid in advance to secure your date in my diary. Your deposit can be paid via bank transfer or cash.


You will also need to electronically sign your contract which will be emailed to you upon booking.

When and Where do the sessions take place?

Cake Smash sessions are usually booked in at a time when your baby is happiest during the day. You know your baby better than me and if you know they’re happier at a certain time of day we will work together to make a time to suit you.

My cake smash sessions are done in my home studio in West Hoxton.

What does the Cake Smash Package include?

1-1.5 hour session. 

White or natural wooden letter's ("O" "N" "E"),

White or natural wood cake stand.

White backdrop with hessian, blue, green, pink or purple bunting.

Wooden spoon

Can you supply the cake??

No I do not as I don’t have a permit from the NSW Food Authority to supply food (if you do choose a different photographer please check that they hold this license). I made this decision for my own business as I could not live with myself if I provided a cake to a baby and they had an allergic reaction.


What should my child wear?

Anything you would like!  Maybe something to match the theme or colours of your session?  

For girls, think lace, ruffles, tutus, nappy covers. Add a necklace and a pretty headband and you’re done. These things can usually be picked up at VERY reasonable prices on eBay. Or a few of my favorite suppliers are Arabella and Rose or Bumble Bee Boutique

For boys, think, nappy covers, jeans, suspenders, party hats. Once again check out eBay or Bumble Bee Boutique have some VERY cute boys outfits at great prices.


May I incorporate special props (favorite blankets, toys, meaningful items)? 

Yes please!  This will make your session unique to you and your family.

What happens on the day?

When you arrive I’ll get you to change your baby into their First Birthday Portrait outfit (please do this on location and not before, travel sickness, dribble and general dirtiness does happen)

After their portrait I will prepare for the smash and take ‘before’ pictures of your set up and the cake. While I’m doing this I will get you to change your baby into their Cake Smash outfit.

Then it starts, we keep going until bubby has had enough. This has been any time between 10-30 minutes depending how ‘into it’ they are.

I’ll then take bathtub shots and ‘after’ shots and I'll clean up all the mess while you change your baby back into their going home outfit. 


Will I (Mum or Dad) get messy?

You definitely will!  You will have to show your baby that they can eat the cake so you might have to take a bite yourself. Also, your baby may stand up and walk or crawl around, so you will have to keep putting your baby back into the designated space. You will get frosting on your clothes so don't wear anything you do not want to get ruined.  


Can I invite my family members to the session?

I like to keep the maximum family members at this session to two adults (not including myself or my assistant.)  But if you’ve got a super awesome Aunty or Uncle, Cousin or Neighbour that your baby finds hilarious, by all means, bring them along!


What happens after my session?

Either straight after your session or 10 days from your session we will have your ordering appointment. This gives me the time to edit a few key images which will give you an idea of what the final edited product will look like and to put your gallery of images together. At your ordering appointment we will sit together and go through all your images and pick all your favourites and any products that you would like to purchase.

After you have chosen what you would like and the payment is paid in full I start editing and send off to the required printers for specific products etc. Please allow up to 6 weeks from date of final payment for delivery.

NOTE: during Covid-19 hotspot situations, Zoom meetings will replace in studio Ordering appointments.

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