Why should I get my newborn baby photographed?

This is simple and I know from experience. They WILL NOT stay this little for very long! Most photographers will only photograph a ‘newborn’ between 5-14 days because even after as little as 14 days they lose their flexibility, they become a little more stiff and become MUCH more alert and awake. YES, only 14 days!! I extend this time frame by a lot longer.

Capturing your baby in those first few weeks is something so beautiful to look back on, a wonderful way to remember how little they actually were and a perfect excuse to get an up to date family portrait.

Who can be photographed at my baby's newborn session?

I give you the opportunity to have both parents and any siblings your baby may have in my newborn sessions. I have even been known to throw a Nanny or Poppy into the mix if our session runs smoothly.

I do ask that one parent takes your baby's siblings from the studio once their photos are taken as it's a small area and they will probably get a little bored while they're waiting. Even grandparents have been known to pick up the kids at half time :)

Please keep in mind, that if siblings are not co-operative on the day, I will do my absolute best to make it happen by ways of fun toys and bribery but at the end of the day my main focus is to capture your baby.

When should I book my Newborn Session?

During your pregnancy is the best time to book any of your sessions. I will put your due date into my diary and we go from there. Newborns are best photographed under 14 days of age, when they are nice and sleepy and curl into those beautiful poses, but if you DO have an older newborn please don’t stress I will still get beautiful photos of your special little person, they will just be more alert and need a lot more cuddling (which I’m COMPLETELY OK with!) I get a lot more lifestyle shots with older newborns including you and your partner interacting with your baby.

How do I secure a booking?

Contact me through my website and I will require a non-refundable session fee to be paid in advance to secure your date in my diary. Your deposit can be paid via bank transfer or cash.

You will also need to sign your contract electronically.

Where and when do the sessions take place?

All newborn sessions take place in the mornings with a 10am start as bubby is usually a lot more settled in the mornings.

I have my own in home studio in West Hoxton, this is where the magic happens. 

I have all the creature comforts in my studio that you will find in your home.


How long will the session take?

Feeding, nappy changes, generally unsettled baby, cranky siblings, it’s ALL part of the job and there’s no need to feel stressed or feel like this is not normal for me. There’s always hiccups in a newborn shoot and basically I just work around whatever bubby is feeling on the day. No pressure. The more relaxed Mum and Dad are, the more relaxed bubby will be. I will schedule at least 4 hours for your session. Sometimes it can be less, but generally I prepare parents for 4 hours.

Do I need to provide anything?

Anything that may have a special significance to you and your new family eg: Special blankets, teddies, name plates etc... However, just like the clothing it is best to keep things simple and let the subjects shine. A dummy just for settling on the day is helpful too.

What if my baby doesn't sleep?

If your baby doesn't sleep I will continue with awake images. Some parents say they prefer awake images and while I love them too, awake babies under 14 days are usually unsettled and do not keep their arms/legs still whilst unwrapped. This doesn't portray nicely in portraits with flailing arms and legs about. If sleepy poses are not your taste, I would suggest you hold off and book in for a Sitter Session instead where bubby is full of big smiles and they are able to react to the call of their name etc.

What happens after my session?

Either straight after your session or 10 days from your session we will have your ordering appointment. This gives me the time to edit a few key images which will give you an idea of what the final edited product will look like and to put your gallery of images together. At your ordering appointment we will sit together and go through all your images and pick all your favourites and any products that you would like to purchase.

After you have chosen what you would like and the payment is paid in full I start editing and send off to the required printers for specific products etc. Please allow up to 6 weeks from date of final payment for delivery.

NOTE: during Covid-19 hotspot situations, Zoom meetings will replace in studio Ordering appointments.