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Why do people get Maternity photos taken?

You’re only pregnant a few times in your life if we're lucky enough. No matter how horrible or blimp-like you feel, believe me….on the outside, EVERY pregnant woman has the glow. I regret not capturing my own baby bumps this way.

It’s a good opportunity to bond with your partner and also a good opportunity to get the new baby's brother or sisters excited about their arrival. Not to mention it will be your last family portrait before your new addition joins you.

It’s also so much FUN! These sessions are very relaxed, chilled out and everyone feels like a gumby during their sessions. You’re not alone. You can’t pose, you’re not photogenic, I will help. I will guide you. And if all else fails I’ve been known to just walk up and move arms, legs and heads where I want them. You have nothing to worry about, I do my very best to make your experience an enjoyable one while creating some beautiful memories for you to treasure.

When do I book?

As soon as you decide you'd like this special time photographed, book it in. I usually like to do these shoots between 36-38 weeks as you will still be comfortable enough to stand for longer periods of time and you are showing enough of a bump to be nice and round but not too big that you're exhausted and have that ‘over it’ feeling that most of us start to feel around 38 weeks.

How do I secure a booking?

Contact me through my website and I will require a non-refundable session fee to be paid in advance to secure your date in my diary. Your deposit can be paid via bank transfer or cash.

Can I bring my spouse, the baby's siblings and our furbabies?

Yes, I just ask that if the siblings are younger than 8 or if you’re bringing your cats or dogs that you organise a friend or family member to come along too as I will need at some point, to take photos of just you, your partner and your bump and I’d hate for anyone to go missing.

I can provide an assistant for an extra $50, to help out on the day if necessary.


Do you have Maternity gowns for me to wear?

Yes, I have a range of maternity gowns and flower garlands available for you to use during your Maternity Session.

Where and When do sessions take place?

These are usually outdoor sessions held in the late afternoon around 1.5 hours before sunset.

What if it rains?

If it's unfortunate enough to rain, we will endeavour to reschedule before your baby is born depending on availability.

What do I bring?

Water is always a good idea, change of clothes in case you get wet, dirty etc.

Nude underwear and nude bra.

How long will my session take?

None of my sessions are rushed. With Maternity sessions there are plenty of times for drink breaks. If you need to sit for a while, it’s all good. You have me for at least 1.5 hours.

What happens after my session?

Either straight after your session or 10 days from your session we will have your ordering appointment. This gives me the time to edit a few key images which will give you an idea of what the final edited product will look like and to put your gallery of images together. At your ordering appointment we will sit together and go through all your images and pick all your favourites and any products that you would like to purchase.

After you have chosen what you would like and the payment is paid in full I start editing and send off to the required printers for specific products etc. Please allow up to 6 weeks from date of final payment for delivery.

NOTE: during Covid-19 hotspot situations, Zoom meetings will replace in studio Ordering appointments.

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