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What should we wear to our Family Session?

I provide all my clients with an outfit inspiration guide and a list of "do's and don't". That being said the general rule is block colours, no bold big logos.

Can we have our session on a weekend?

Yes, however I do ask that you book well in advance as I only offer a handful of weekends every year and they are an additional cost.

I feel I'm not very photogenic and worried how I will look in photos?

Says EVERY person EVER! You are not alone. I feel exactly the same way.

I have many tricks up my sleeve during your session to get genuine expressions from you and your family and if you have a "good side" let me know before the session and I'll always try and get you on that side. I always use flattering light and poses to make everyone look their best.

If you're worried about extra baby weight or those last few kilos you just can't shift, don't be. Your kids wont care when that's all they have to remember you by and Photoshop is amazing ;)

What should we do before the session?

  • Make sure everyone's been fed

  • Everyone has gone to the toilet

  • Get changed JUST before you get in the car

  • No treats or drinks in the car

What should we bring?

Water, jackets, child's favourite toy, favourite blanket, favourite book, touch up makeup for Mum and a change of clothes for the kids for the drive home just in case they have a bit too much fun.

I have a cart with wheels that you can put personal belongings in while we venture around during your session.

Can we bring our family pet?

Of course! Pets are family too!

Please make sure they're groomed, well behaved and on a leash. Bring plenty of treats and a favourite chew toy.

A pet handler (friend or other family member) is also a good idea so your furry friend doesn't have to be in all the photos with you.

My in-laws will be in town during our session. Can we have a few pictures with them?

Studio sessions, no.

Outdoor sessions, yes. It's up to you who is a part of your family and should be included however I do ask any more than 7 people should book an Extended Family Session. Family sessions are allocated 90 minutes so realistically if there are multiple family combinations to get through we'd need much longer. Contact me to find out more about these special sessions.

Can we do clothing changes in our session?

Yes we can but keep in mind there are no private areas to change clothing and often the time that it takes to change clothes cuts into your portraits that are delivered.

Can I take pictures with my camera/phone?

Behind the scenes photos are fine but if a family member is obstructing me from taking photographs we need to get back to the task at hand otherwise, why hire me?

What happens if it rains or my child is sick? Cancellation Policy.

Both of these situations wont make for the best photos which isn't beneficial for either of us.

If either of these things occur we will reschedule. 

If you have to cancel your session for any reason I do ask that you contact me as soon as possible.

What are the best locations?

I always suggest a park. Trees offer a natural shade which is beneficial for creating beautifully lit portraits. Parks also give your little ones plenty of opportunity to run around so they don't get bored.

I have a few different parks I love to use. Some are 15 minutes from my studio and there a few that are 45 minutes away for the people that don't mind travelling to get the shot!

Do you offer studio family sessions?

Yes I do. They will be traditional family portraits for families of 4. My studio is not large enough to accommodate anymore than this with it being too cramped. I do prefer outdoors for younger families as it's so much more fun for little people.

How do I secure a booking?

Contact me through my website and I will require a non-refundable session fee to be paid in advance to secure your date in my diary. Your deposit can be paid via bank transfer or cash.

You will also need to electronically sign your contract which will be emailed to you upon booking.

When do the sessions take place?

Family sessions start 90 minutes-2 hours before sunset so it's dependent on daylight savings time or not.


How long will the session take?

I always allow 1.5 hours at least. This allows enough time to relax, enjoy and make the kids comfortable enough to get genuine smiles and emotions. This time also allows for your child to throw a wobbly if they want and you wont have to be stressed about time constraints. lol!

How do you run your sessions?

I always try and get traditional posed (smiling at the camera) family portraits first for grandparents. This is when children have the most patience and attention span. After this we then have fun, playing games with the kids, getting candid, unposed photos of your family loving each other.

What if my child is not behaving?

I design my sessions to be fun, fast moving, interacting with the kids so they wont even realise they're getting their photos taken besides the traditional photos at the beginning.

If this fails, we have 90 minutes-2 hours, they'll tire out eventually ;)

Are the final photos we purchase retouched and edited?

Yes, every photo you purchase will be completely edited and delivered to you in colour and black and white.

How many images can we expect to choose from?

I usually deliver approximately 80 images from a family session, sometimes more if the kiddies are in a good mood :)

What happens after my session?

Within 10 days from your session we will have your ordering appointment. This gives me the time to edit a few key images which will give you an idea of what the final edited product will look like and to put your gallery of images together. At your ordering appointment we will sit together and go through all your images and pick all your favourites and any products that you would like to purchase.

After you have chosen what you would like and the payment is paid in full I start editing and send off to the required printers for specific products etc. Please allow up to 6 weeks from date of final payment for delivery.

NOTE: during Covid-19 hotspot situations, Zoom meetings will replace in studio Ordering appointments.

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