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Why should I get my baby photographed?

I’m a big believer in photographing EVERYTHING for obvious reasons. I was one of those Mums that took a photo of my baby girls once a month and framed them and this was even before I was a photographer. Now, I’m not saying you need to be as fanatical as me but capturing your baby’s first year milestones is so special. They are responding to their own name, giggling at random things, reacting to certain songs and their little personalities are truly forming. These sessions are honestly so much fun!

Who can be photographed at my baby’s sitter session?

I always get as many sets as I can with bubby on their own first as their patience and attention span are VERY short at this age.

After that time I then give you the opportunity to have both parents and any siblings your baby may have in their session.

Please keep in mind, that if siblings are not co-operative on the day, I will do my absolute best to make it happen by ways of fun toys and bribery but at the end of the day my main focus is to capture your baby.

When should I book my Sitter Session?

The earlier the better. Between 7-9 months of age are perfect for these sessions. Pretty much as soon as your baby can sit unassisted but not crawl is perfect timing.

How do I secure a booking?

Contact me through my website and I will require a non-refundable session fee to be paid in advance to secure your date in my diary. Your deposit can be paid via bank transfer or cash.

You will also need to electronically sign your contract which will be emailed to you upon booking.

Where and when do the sessions take place?

I like to work around your babies sleeping patterns. Most sitters have a set sleep time by this stage so I try to plan their session time a few hours before a sleep or just after they’re due to wake up. Completely case by case dependent.


How long will the session take?

I find these sessions go for around 1 hour, depending on how settled bubby is on the day.

What should I dress my baby in?

If you have an outfit you would like them to be photographed you are more than welcome to bring it. Otherwise, most of my sitter sessions are done nude or with outfits I have in the studio.

What happens after my session?

Either straight after your session or 10 days from your session we will have your ordering appointment. This gives me the time to edit a few key images which will give you an idea of what the final edited product will look like and to put your gallery of images together. At your ordering appointment we will sit together and go through all your images and pick all your favourites and any products that you would like to purchase.

After you have chosen what you would like and the payment is paid in full I start editing and send off to the required printers for specific products etc. Please allow up to 6 weeks from date of final payment for delivery.

NOTE: during Covid-19 hotspot situations, Zoom meetings will replace in studio Ordering appointments.

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