Braxton - First Birthday Cake Smash

Braxton is one of he happiest babies ever....however on the day of his cake smash he was functioning on 30 minutes sleep and....he was STILL the happiest baby EVER! We didn't want to push our luck so we got some gorgeous updated Family Portraits.... And straight into some First Birthday Portraits of the birthday boy.... Then set the cake up ready to get into some smashing!! My favorite shots at a cake smash, besides the ones where they shove their heads in the cake instead of using their hands are these gorgeous close up images of those sweet little innocent faces. And how a cake smash usually ends....LOL!! Happy Birthday Braxton!!!!

Klaudija - 12 Days

I had way too much fun at this session! It involved, head shaving, accordion playing and hickey's. Never a dull moment in my job! LOL This is Klaudija's big sister Klara who decided while Daddy was in the bathroom getting ready she would take his clippers and shave part of her head JUST before the session while I was setting up! Mummy strategically placed some cute pig tails to cover up her wonderful hairdressing job though. LOL! Some fun family shots with lots of toddler wrangling! Good work Dad! Sometimes it's nice for Mummy and Daddy to get a photo alone together too. When I ask the last time parents had photos together the answer is usually "Our Wedding". While Klaudija was having a feed

Skye - 12 Weeks

Whoever said you cannot get beautiful images of older newborns have no idea!! This little lady even let me do naked curled up newborn posing! It doesn't happen every session but this is proof it CAN happen even at 12 weeks! At the start of Sky's session she was very alert and giving us lots of gorgeous little facial expressions with the help of her Mummy and Daddy playing silly buggers behind me! LOL! While getting her picture taken with her Mummy and Daddy, Skye fell asleep within seconds.... But once she was asleep she went down hard! Even with her fubaby sister Bella barking at passers by every now and then! What a baby! At the end we got some images of Skye with her Great Grandfathers sp

Lilliana - 9 Days

This little princess had the most gorgeous head of hair and the sweetest twin sisters EVER!! The twins were so good for their sibling photos with their new baby sister and we got an updated portrait of them on their own for their Mummy and Daddy. We also got a Christmas set up down as Lilliana arrived just before Christmas. One of my favorite parts of a newborn shoot...awake shots! Then back to sleep for a few more sleepy set ups <3 Then finally a little Christmas composite to finish of baby Lilliana's gallery. Welcome to the world baby Lilliana!

Ariana Scarlett - 15 Weeks

We did a little mini session for Princess Ariana who has the sweetest mannerisms. This is one little girl who I can already tell is going to be a little lady. She woke up just as I was placing her crown on her quick snap and then we were ready for food! LOL! Those big brown eyes got me every time!! This colour against her skin tone was just magic! Welcome to the world Princess Ariana!

Chloe - 12 Days

Chloe made her entrance to the world just before Christmas. We did a few little Christmas sets and got her 2 beautiful big sisters involved too <3 Some more Christmas images Neutrals are always so precious <3 We went across the road from their home and got some gorgeous family shots <3 Mummy requested muted tones and vintage themes.... I always try and do basic naked poses for my parents if baby will allow it. Here are a few composites I surprised Chloe's Mum and Dad with at their Ordering Session. I used her nudie shot and added a headband to match the Christmas theme and I just loved the flower backdrop with the angle of Chloe in the lace wrap and I'm so happy with the result! Welcome to t

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