Audrey - 12 Days

Dear little Audrey was an absolute dream! She had the sweetest facial expressions ever <3 Then came sleep time <3 A few different set ups and she was still GOLD! Such a peaceful bub. I really like getting at least one image of a newborn with their parents without their siblings for them in later life. Yes it's a strange thing to think of but if ever there's a falling out between siblings in adulthood or just something to be a keepsake just for the baby when they're older. This was their portrait until big sister Sophia realised what was going on and ran into the shot crying because Mummy and Daddy were near the baby lol It then turned into a PERFECT family portrait! With my assistant jumping

Georgia - 18 Days

This little miss and her sister Isabel were definitely playing off one another at Georgia's newborn session. If Georgia was ready, Isabel wasn't and vice versa....we followed Georgia's lead throughout the session and got some gorgeous images for Mummy and Daddy to keep forever. Georgia had some awake time and I managed to get a composite shot in for her too. The individual image I got of Isabel was breath taking, such a natural smile. Their sibling portraits were quick (like all sibling portraits lol) and there were lots of smiling ones but this straight face model look had to be shared! Beautiful Sisters!

Holly's First Year - Birth to Cake Smash

I first met Sam, her husband Tony and son Ayden at their Maternity session that doubled as their Birth Photography meeting. Sam was having a terrible day as her much beloved Nan was very ill so we kept everything short and sweet and straight to the point. Exactly one week before I got the call that Sam was in labour, Sam's Nan passed away. This beautiful woman was like another mother to her and bringing her first born daughter into this world without her Nan was not what anyone wanted to face....But Holly was coming and everyone needed to put their game faces on this big day. Things started to get real only 90 minutes after my arrival.... Next thing we knew....Holly had arrived and her Daddy

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