Holly Anne Can Sit!!

It's been so awesome watching this little princess grow up! From her Mummy's maternity shoot, birth, newborn and NOW look at her!! We got a gorgeous photo of Holly in her Christening gown. Even though it was a few weeks before this shoot it's still nice to have a beautiful portrait in it as a special memento. We played with a few different set ups....this backlit one with a flower bonnet was something I hadn't tried before. We got a few cheeky grins! But here's my ALL TIME FAVORITE!! Absolutely takes my breath away!

Harrison - 16 Days

Harrison's parents Michelle and Cameron were referred to me by one of my amazing clients Samantha. Knowing Sam, I was sure I would love this couple and I was very right! From the moment I walked in to photograph their gorgeous little man they were so warm and welcoming. So easy going and sat back and let me do my thing and work my magic. They did however have one request.... "Can we get a photo with Harrison and his toy?" and I always try my best to incorporate special toys and blankets into a session to make it more personal. So my answer was "OF COURSE!" and to my excitement, out they come with this!! It was absolutely perfect!! P.s How handsome is this little man?! I honestly couldn't sto

Logan - 8 Weeks

When Logan's Mummy first contacted me she wanted newborn photos of Logan who was already 7 weeks old. Typically to get those curled up, sleepy newborn images people see all over the internet most photographers like to get to your babies between 4 - 14 days. This age is when they're more likely to get into really curly poses and they tend not to startle easily. I went on to explain this to his Mummy and said "she had 2 options, 1: to wait until he was around 7 months and able to sit unassisted to capture more of a variety of images and get his little personality to shine through or 2: I would be more than happy to still do a newborn shoot if that's what she wanted" but I needed her to be awar

A Hard Fathers Day

Today is usually celebrated as a 'happy' day, but for some of us it's a heartbreaking one. I wanted to introduce you to the 'Fathers' in my life and why our Father's Day this year was a hard one. I'd like to start with my wonderful Father in Law. Wallace Peter David Bryce. 21.2.1926 – 12.4.2017 This amazingly strong, patient, gentle man lost his 17 yearlong battle with bowel cancer this April, 2017. He left us at age 91 and fought hard. Being told in July 2016 that he would only have 3 month left, he showed all the doctors what he was made of and gave us another 9 months. He got to see another Fathers Day, another Christmas and another Great Grandchild come into the world. Even though he was

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