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My baby Bryce's helped me win an award!

Every photographer will tell you their children "LOVE" getting their photos taken and posing for them....they're lying! LOL!

This is what it usually looks like....

I asked them to be models for me so I could try some

Child Portraiture pieces and they were, as expected, "so thrilled" to help out....It was HARD WORK but these little ratbags scored me 2 Bronze Awards in the Portrait Masters Awards 2019.

I had so much fun with this and now I have some stunning portraits of my baby girls to keep forever, even in the middle of their "awkward phases" of 8 and 12.

I took a few more of my eldest, Emily. I found this helped the most as she is reaching the pre-teen part of her life with braces and was struggling with low self-esteem (I know! Already!?! She's too young to have these thoughts!) But it's happening earlier and earlier these days.

The look on her face when I did her hair and make-up was priceless but when I showed her the back of the camera when I started shooting, you could see that she finally saw what I saw, a beautiful young lady <3 I'm so glad she has these photos to remind herself how stunning she is.

Is this something that you would love for your own children going through that awkward phase of childhood?

Please contact me today using the "Contact" tab in this website.


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