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Logan - 8 Weeks

When Logan's Mummy first contacted me she wanted newborn photos of Logan who was already 7 weeks old.

Typically to get those curled up, sleepy newborn images people see all over the internet most photographers like to get to your babies between 4 - 14 days. This age is when they're more likely to get into really curly poses and they tend not to startle easily. I went on to explain this to his Mummy and said "she had 2 options, 1: to wait until he was around 7 months and able to sit unassisted to capture more of a variety of images and get his little personality to shine through or 2: I would be more than happy to still do a newborn shoot if that's what she wanted" but I needed her to be aware that Logan's age can sometimes wake easily and they can be a little stiff in the body.

She slept on it and called me the following day telling me that she didn't want to regret not having newborn photos taken and she'd like to go ahead with it.

I assured her that we would still get some very special images of Logan and we certainly did!

We got sleepy shots (more at the end of this blog)....

newborn baby boy photography sydney

newborn baby boy photography sydney

GORGEOUS awake shots....

detail shots to remember his tiny little features....

Logan's Mummy also told me their WHOLE family were massive Cronulla Sharks supporters. Having a mother that is also a crazy Sharkies supporter I HAD to put together this little set up for them LOL!

This was such a fun, chilled out session and we just worked with whatever baby Logan wanted to do on the day. Thanks so much for choosing me Sarah! <3

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