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Starting to 'Blog'....I'm already confused so I'll just say "Hi!" to begin

I'm Sam,

I'm a portrait photographer based in South West Sydney specialising in all things ‘baby’. From Maternity, Birth, Newborn, Sitter Sessions and Cake Smash.

I work in both outdoor locations and in the comfort of your own home using both Natural and Studio Light. Oh, I forgot to mention, I'm short. As you've probably gathered from all the ladders in these images below lol

I capture a wide variety of images in every session, both posed and candid shots.

I am in love with my gorgeous husband Peter who runs his own electrical business

(PDB Electrical). We have 3 beautiful girls Laura, Emily and Laycee and not forgetting our little cavoodle furbaby Mcgee. (Thankyou Lauren, from McGill Photography for our first family portrait pictured below.)

My loves (besides my family) are EVERYTHING Disney, Nutella, hot popcorn and malteasers together, McDonalds Cheeseburgers (who am I kidding ALL food in general lol!), netball, Frangipanis, a good book, red wine, horror movies, the colour blue and that newborn baby smell!

I loved being pregnant, every kick, somersault, scan, contraction (yes even the labour I loved)! I only wish EVERY step of my journey as a mother was being recorded as much as it is now. To have beautiful memories of my much loved round belly. The moments between my husband and I as I laboured to meet our baby girls would be such a treasured memory. I feel so blessed EVERY SINGLE time I am asked to be a part of someone else’s journey.

​I was always known from a very young age to be the one with the camera. “Don’t worry about taking your camera, Sam will have hers” my friends and family always used to say. After my second baby girl was born I studied all things photography from the inner workings of the camera to how to safely and beautifully pose your newborn baby.

I have been extremely fortunate to have been able to attend mentoring sessions with some of Australia's leading Newborn Photographers, complete online workshops and attend photography conferences such as the annual Baby Summit in QLD. All this in addition to my many hundreds of hours of self-directed research is where Samantha Bryce Photography was born!

Portraits are a legacy. They outlast us. They are the first thing people reach for when someone they love passes away. They become that persons most treasured possessions. Document milestones in your life so you can enjoy them and your family can remember you and the moments that you held so dear.

Now that you've met me, please contact me. I would love to meet you and capture your special memories.

Love Sam xoxox

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