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Ayce - 6 Days

This little man is a lot bigger now but he still needs a place in my blog!!

newborn boy in navy blue samantha bryce photography

Usually I like to start my babies all wrapped up. Once I arrive and set up I start undressing them and they get a bit squirmy, so I find getting tight wrapped shots at this stage of the session best. If they have siblings, this is also the best time to get their images and parents done together so it's over and your toddler can go off and play. They are usually naked under these wraps so it makes unwrapping them for naked shots much easier as I don't have to disturb them all too much.

newborn boy in cream and brown samantha bryce photography

If they're still a bit wriggly I might change the colours of the backdrops and bonnets etc to give my clients as much variety as possible while bubby is settling down. But as you can see below, even those wriggling faces are pretty darn cute!!

newborn boy in green samantha bryce photography

Once I feel your little one is settled enough we start getting a few prop shots and do some fancy wrapping.

newborn boy in grey samantha bryce photography

I try to get all your baby's details with my macro lens on a neutral backdrop. By keeping them neutral I am able to combine these with any other images in your newborn's gallery and create beautiful Framed Prints or Canvas Collages for their nursery walls.

newborn boy details samantha bryce photography

Over time your baby will become used to the warm temperature of the room as we start to unwrap him. This is the perfect opportunity to get these naked shots that I absolutely love doing!! This little man had had enough of me at this point and gave me the "please lady, no more photos!" hand LOL but then gave me the sweetest grin! Check him out below....

newborn boy samantha bryce photography

By this stage your newborn is well and truly comfortable and chilled out!

newborn boy smiling samantha bryce photography

And sometimes at the end once they're all wrapped up and back in Mummy's arms I just can't help myself and get one last shot. :)

newborn boy in mummys arms samantha bryce photography

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